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Yorkshire and The Humber Work Placements

2022 Placements

The Yorkshire and Humber Student Placement application process is now closed

For Informatics, Procurement and Finance departments looking to attract talent, the undergraduate placement scheme is a great option with a proven track record.

Organisations wishing to advertise placements will need to complete an advertisement proforma and send to Lauren Butcher – Your advertisement will then be uploaded to our website. Please complete and return the proforma by Friday 19th November 2021. Please contact Lauren Butcher I you have not received this form.

The student placements will be advertised from 8th December 2021 and will close by 26th January 2023. The applications will be available to download from Friday 28th January 2022 for shortlisting and interviewing in accordance with your organisation’s HR policies and procedures.

You might want to shortlist and interview quickly as the best applicants get snapped up quickly!

Some organisations employ a student to fill a substantive post; others use them for specific projects or development roles. Organisations pay the student’s salary and they are usually on the middle of band 2 but occasionally band 3. Students start work anytime between June and September and work until the following June, depending on what arrangements you make with them.

2021 Placements – keeping up to date

If you have placed a student in your department from summer 2021, please ensure you inform Lauren Butcher – of their name, role title and NHS contact details as soon as this information is available. This will ensure the student has been registered on the Skills Development Network and will be invited to attend any relevant training and events.


The scheme has been running in NHS Finance for over ten years and consistently receives excellent feedback from students and NHS managers. The proof is in the pudding – many applicants mention the excellent things they have heard about the NHS from those who have spent a year with us. Also a lot of applicants come back to the NHS once they have graduated or apply to the Graduate Scheme. Some are kept on a retainer for their last year at university – working one day a week for example.